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Copywriters + Secret Powers

Besides our showstopping copy, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve

Our Speciality: Magnetically Charged Content

Just like Liam Neeson in Taken, we’ve developed a very particular set of skills. Skills that we have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make us extremely valuable copywriters for clients like you.

Jokes (and movie quotes) aside, this is one of those things that is going to change the way you approach content strategy, web copywriting, and search engine optimisation. We call it a Magnetic Page — and it does exactly what the name suggests: Attract.

So What Exactly Is A Magnetic Page?

(In case you’re wondering: yes, we coined that term. And yes, it’s our USP)

Here’s the dirty little secret: while on-page SEO matters (ie. the optimisation of content that’s published on your web page) to search engines, it’s not the most important factor when determining where your web page ranks on SERPs. Think about it like this — you may bake the most delicious cakes anyone has ever eaten, but if no one is talking about you then you’re likely not going to appear on the front cover of World Of Cakes magazine. Don’t Google it, we made that magazine up. But you get the point.

Magnetic Pages

The World Wide Web mirrors the real world more than you think — and just like in real life, social proof influences how we perceive things. Online, search engine ranking algorithms (eg. Google’s RankBrain) measure social proof through backlinks. Our Magnetic Pages are engineered to not just attract attention, but also high authority backlinks. These are organic backlinks, by the way — because just as when it comes to food, organic is always the better, healthier option for backlinks.

Other Copywriting Agency Services

Besides our secret sauce (the fabulously delicious Magnetic Pages), we do cook up quite the storm with our other copywriting services as well. We’re a full service copywriting agency, with the added bonus of being really fun to work with (yay!). Check out our full range of services below, and feel free to reach out to us for a more in-depth discussion of your goals and requirements.

SEO Copywriting Icon

Web Copywriting

Effective web copywriting stems from thorough reader persona analysis, intelligent SEO strategy, and well-structured content. It’s what we do best. Our winning methodology delivers flawless content every single time.

Social Content Icon

Social Content

Our expertise in social listening tells us what’ll work. Timing is key. We craft relevant and targetted social-specific content that gets you results on the social platform of your choice. Like, Follow, Click – we make it happen.

Ghost Blogging Icon

Ghost Blogging

Everyone loves a blog on their website until they realise how much work goes into keeping it running. Ghost Blogging is when we step in to ease your load, and write on your behalf. Our words, your voice.

SEO Workshop Icon

Content Workshop

Have your own in-house team of subject matter experts who produce your content? No problem. We conduct SEO copywriting workshops where we transform your writers into web copy wizards. Magic tools included.

Keyword Advisory Icon

Keyword Strategy

Blending keywords in your writing is an art form. Knowing which keywords to target is a science. With our experience (tsk..and some powerful tools), we help identify the ripe ones for your writing team to pick.

SEO Content Audit Icon

Content Audit

It’s one thing to craft content that reads well to people. Writing that gets crawled by search engines optimally is another. Our holistic content audit process identifies these gaps for you, so you can win on both fronts.

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